We aim to understand our clients ethics, values and missions to identify a company culture personality that can impact an organisation. Designing branded websites gives such presence for our clients that shifts them into attracting new possiblities in the digital age. Based in London sharing digital marketing strategies at events, seminars and conferences since 2009, we are dedicated to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to progress by positioning their online presence so their ideas, skills, services or messages are presented professionally. Perception believed is reality achieved.

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Working with Creatives Building Brands Online

We are highly experienced in building brands that gets you and your business results. Never worry about promoting just a typical “information only” website again !  With us, we work with you to fully customise your brand presence using creative visuals of images, videos and language that represents your vision.



The quality of our work is looked upon as professional with productions of modern, interactive and high quality media creations.



By working on projects together with good communication we reach agreed deadlines in every step of our journey.



Our networks, communities and environments trigger idea moments that we love sharing with clients for consideration



In the building of websites, we keep all software updated, optimise website security to avoid malicious or hacking attempts.


A showcase of our works
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Want to be a brand ? Already got a brand but need upgrading ? It’s ok, we as humans are always evolving now is the time to brand yourself into the future. Ready to get started ?

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How we can be useful for you

Check Out Our Services!

The media culture we live in requires technology knowledge and expertise that we can share with you.

We offer a range of services for all your digital needs to support your branding, online business model and maintenance requirements.

Websites development

Wordpress Designed and configured responsive websites giving you backend access for updating content

Digital marketing

From Social Media campaigns to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) assistance to increase visitors to see your brand

Mobile apps

Specific to clients needs designing applications using creative content for fluid functuality


Working with compatible platforms we can design your online store so you can sell your products online

Branding workshops

As a like minded community, we meet up online & offline to play The Branding Game sharing internet marketing strategies

Logo & Trending Image Video Effects

Designing unique logos and specific illustrations to suit brand identities using photoshop & cinematography tools

The Branding Game


Contact us to find out about workshops in London were you will learn how to use social media effectively & how to play ``The Branding Game``..playing as a group this game will have you understand exactly what you can do to heighten your brand.

Location Media Services


We can go on location in London to take photos of you doing your thing or create infotainment video productions that will enhance your brand
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Fair prices. Excellent service. Consultation recommended for all quotes.


£2973-7 days
£2973-7 days
  • Easy to use responsive website customised for all screen sizes.

  • Up to 5 pages
  • Template-based design
  • Hosting & domain
  • Photo gallery
  • CMS
  • Ecommerce


£7957-14 days
£7957-14 days
  • Bespoke design fully customised to suit your new marketing platform.

  • Up to 18 pages
  • Exclusive design
  • Hosting & domain
  • Photo gallery
  • CMS
  • Ecommerce

Online Shop

£189710-21 days
£189710-21 days
  • Flexible platform with functions to sell items on multiple channels.

  • Infinite pages
  • Exclusive design
  • Hosting & domain
  • Photo gallery
  • CMS
  • Ecommerce

All prices are estimates. We specialise in building websites using platforms that gives you the power to update your website content once website has been built.
Exact pricing is available after initial consultation.


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Cultural Media is managed by DM Business. The Cultural Media team have had experience of working together in the creative and media industries who each bring unique skills & ideas to complete projects. Cultural Media operates under a nonconformist structure that gives team freedom to also build business and brands. Branding strategist Dawn and team work together in collaboration for Cultural Media projects.